A total of 43 organizations were nominated in 16 categories. The nominations and eventual winners came from more than 300 customer and employee experience surveys conducted by Integron in 2022. These are based on the highest average customer and employee satisfaction ratings and the highest Net Promoter Score (NPS) and employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS). “The winning and nominated organizations were rightly highlighted today. They have proven the importance of paying continuous attention to customers and employees. This makes these companies attractive. Not unimportant in a time when personnel is scarce and it is all about binding and captivating employees as well as customers. Not only because of the Beleving Awards, but also because of the celebration of our 30th anniversary, I look back with pleasure and pride on a fantastic day,” says Arjen Maliepaard, Managing Director at Integron.

Winners awards customer experience 2023

These are the winners and fellow nominees in the customer experience category:

Waste services:

ACV Group

Fellow nominees: Meerlanden and PreZero Netherlands

Construction and installation:


Fellow nominees: BAM Infra Netherlands and Nijhuis Bouw


Hendriksen Accountants and Advisors

Fellow nominees: HEYDAY Facility Management and Normec Foodcare


Onkenhout Group

Fellow nominees: MCB Group and Basil


OCI Nitrogen (Melamine & Ammonia)

Fellow nominees: Mafo Industrial Washing B.V. and DMN Westinghouse

Transportation and logistics:

Vos Distri Logistics

Co-nominee: C. Steinweg Handelsveem

Highest NPS:

DMN Westinghouse

Fellow nominees: Onkenhout Group and MEE West Brabant

Winners awards employee experience 2023

These are the winners and fellow nominees in the employee experience category:

Falicitic services:


Fellow nominees: D&B the Facility Group and Dolmans Groep B.V.

Financial services:

Lentink De Jonge Accountants & Advisors

Fellow nominees: Gold Exchange Office and Hendriksen Accountants and Advisors


Twente Milieu

Fellow nominees: Driessen Group and Omix Better Education

Trade and industry:


Fellow nominees: Isolectra and Intronics

ICT and telecom:


Fellow nominees: Ilionx Group and Axians


Marnix Academy

Fellow nominees: Hogeschool Leiden and Breda University of applied sciences

Care and welfare:

MEE Rotterdam

Fellow nominees: Partou and Arons Care

Government and non-profit:

A+O Metalektro

Fellow nominees: National MS Fund Foundation and Moerdijk Port Authority

Highest eNPS:

Lentink De Jonge Accountants & Advisors

Fellow nominees: A+O Metalektro and MEE Rotterdam

Celebration, deepening and interaction

On the sun-drenched festival grounds, the winners and fellow nominees took center stage. In recent years, more than 300 organizations have been nominated and more than 100 winners have already stood on the podium. This year was a special edition because of the festive anniversary, but there was certainly also room for depth, interaction and music. In his keynote “from classic to jamming,” Richard de Hoop spoke passionately about successful collaboration, dealing with change, developing resilience and how to become future-proof. Friends of Integron, Feike Cats, Team Heartbeats and Tjeerd den Boer took the guests into the world of shifting, resilience and high performing organizations and told customers of Integron (McDonald’s, ALK, ACV, TKH, C. Steinweg Handelsveem and 1nergiek) about their achieved successes within customer experience and employee experience. Integron’s sessions put a dot on the guests’ horizon, took them into the world of continuous improvement and gave insight into what your return on investment is when working on customer and employee experience.

About Integron

Integron focuses on promoting the happiness of working people at organizations. We make impact through insight. Together, with passion, enthusiasm and fun, we pursue our clients’ strategic goals. Taking a longer-term approach, we offer Employee Experience (EX) and Customer Experience (CX) feedback programs that help achieve happy employees, delighted customers and better business results.

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