Visualize your employees’ work experience

With an employee satisfaction survey, you gain valuable insights into the motivations, experiences and expectations of your employees. Through the survey you will find out how your organization is performing compared to the benchmark, allowing you to make targeted improvements at the organizational, team and individual level.

Employee satisfaction survey

Why you should conduct an employee satisfaction survey

Inzicht in eNPS en engagement

Understanding eNPS, drivers and expectations

An employee satisfaction survey provides insights into the eNPS (employee Net Promoter Score) and the motivations of employees, which is essential for assessing loyalty and creating a valued and motivated work environment.

Employee Journey

Acting on all aspects of the Employee Journey

The Employee Engagement Survey provides insights to proactively identify bottlenecks and enhance the employee experience at all stages of the Employee Journey, leading to increased engagement, satisfaction, productivity, and retention.

Inzicht in de beleving per afdeling

Comprehensive Insight at all levels

The survey provides in-depth insights at various levels within your organization, enabling the creation of personalized improvement plans that take into consideration the unique needs and challenges of each team member.

Uitgebreid inzicht in de werkbeleving

Comprehensive insight into work experience

Analyzing employee feedback allows you to identify trends influencing the work culture, addressing specific areas of concern to promote a thriving and valued work environment.

How we work

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Our employee satisfaction survey is…

Integron provides high-quality services. An Employee Satisfaction survey conducted by us is:

  • Quantitative
  • Deployable on and offline
  • Focused on topics relevant to your organization. Consider loyalty, workload, leadership, vitality and sustainable employability.
  • Knowing where you stand as an organization compared to the benchmark
  • To be supplemented with a mirror survey: ‘Management/MT in the shoes of employees’
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