Discover key themes for your organization

What themes from the strategic HR agenda are currently in play within your organization? With a thematic survey, you specifically gather in-depth feedback on topics relevant to your organization at the time. Themes may include bonding/engagement, leadership, vitality, ownership, professionalization and sustainable employability.

Why Thematic Research?

Deepening understanding of relevant topics:

Thematic research offers deep insight into the themes that really matter to your organization. It allows you to better understand employees’ needs and views on these specific topics.

Requesting specific themes from groups of employees

You can gather targeted information from specific groups of employees involved in the topic. This allows you to develop customized solutions and strategies that meet the needs of these groups.

Targeted information to drive toward specific goals

With the collected feedback, you can steer, for example, to encourage ownership or increase employee engagement on the relevant topics.

Our approach

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We begin with a thorough alignment where we work with you to determine what topic needs to be measured, what target audience should be involved and with what frequency the research should take place.


Based on the alignment, we conduct the survey among the relevant target group, using a customized questionnaire specific to the topic being measured.


Survey results are conveniently and accessibly displayed in the Employee Heartbeat results dashboard, giving you instant insight into employee feedback.


Based on the obtained information and advisory products from Integron, you can make targeted improvements in your organization on the measured theme. We are happy to support you in implementing these improvements.

Find out what we can do for you

Our Thematic Research is…

Focused insight on specific topics for groups of employees

Thematic research provides insight into key themes for specific employee groups. This allows you to develop targeted policies and initiatives to optimize the work environment.

One-time or continuous deployment

You can use thematic research once for specific topics or continuously to track longer-term trends.

Online survey with short questionnaire

Our thematic survey is conducted online via a short, targeted questionnaire that employees can easily complete.

An effective addition to the regular annual employee survey

Thematic research is a valuable complement to the regular annual employee survey and provides more in-depth insights into specific themes.

Find out how our thematic research can support your organization

Integron’s thematic research gives you clear insight into the themes that really matter within your organization at that moment. It helps you focus on specific goals and increase employee engagement. Find out how our thematic research can support your organization in achieving a positive work culture and retaining valuable employees.