Aim for happy employees

Working to reduce turnover and absenteeism within your organization? With employee research and consulting from Integron, we work with you to meet your employee experience goals.
  • Working toward being a top employer
  • Improve internal culture
  • Reduce absenteeism and turnover and save costs, curious how much?
  • Make ambassadors of your employees

Why choose Integron

Geen tooling partij

No tooling party

We are not an ordinary “tooling” party, but a committed partner that thinks along and offers customized solutions.

Completely unburdened

Enjoy worry-free support with a tailored approach to your specific goals.

Research and advisory process

Research and consulting can be part of a strategic program or used separately.

Strategic partnership

We think with you and lay 30 years of knowledge and experience as a foundation

Mapping the employee journey

With 30 years of experience, we facilitate and help you get the most out of EX and CX

Impact through insight

Know which knobs to turn for better business results

The perfect solution for your challenge

The perfect solution for your challenge

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Benefit from our extensive expertise

Do you want to conduct a comprehensive employee survey with the help of an experienced professional? With 30 years of experience, Integron has the knowledge and tools to strive for happy employees. Are you curious about the possibilities? Get in touch with us by calling or sending us an email.

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