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Employee survey:
Get the most out of your employees

The engagement, enthusiasm and commitment of your employees are the centre of focus. And, of course, the pride of your employees and the degree to which they feel connected and loyal. How can you get your foundation in better order and increase the value for and connection with your employees? The highest objective is employees to are happy and connected and function to the best of their ability in an engaged, energetic and enthusiastic way.


Employee survey of satisfaction, commitment, involvement and loyalty (eNPS) that ensures a better organisation and a better working environment to make better use of your organisation’s and employees’ potential.

Currently, eNPS scores are often negative, satisfaction average and only a small part of employees feel like they are able to function to the best of their ability. We activate the insights and strategic and tactical results towards the board of management, managers, staff in charge of client relations and employees. Our dashboard demo shows how Integron collects the data that allows you to activate your customers and employees.

The Employee Happiness survey makes it easy to obtain annual, quarterly, monthly or continuous feedback from employees.

You can track several instances via the online dashboard. What is the customer’s opinion of the collaboration with their colleagues, of their direct supervisor or of their job? How engaged, enthusiastic or satisfied are they, and how can you increase the scores? You can see what you can learn from your employees’ feedback at every level. You can take targeted measures to ensure that the moments that matter to your employees are given (even) better shape.

Plug, Play, Perform

Employee Heartbeat is a survey technology and information dashboard used by hundreds of organisations. This solution allows for the quick and easy performance of surveys and inspection of the data on the online dashboard. Plug, play and perform.

EnergyFinder is a unique measurement instrument that registers the quantity and quality of your employees’, teams’ and organisations’ energy.

EnergyFinder provides insight into the general basic motivation of employees in their daily work, the sources of energy, the energy zones that can be distinguished at team or department level and the image that employees have of their own performance ability. EnergyFinder provides concrete insights into existing energy leaks and unexploited potential, which can be used to conduct the necessary dialogue with employees and can be translated into targeted and effective interventions.

Business cases

Baker Tilly Berk

The project team and HR department as the owner of the employee survey

Van Uden Logistics

"The result was that the story and actions per branch [...]

OCI Nitrogen

"Not only did the survey go well and are we [...]

Hendrik Veder Groep

“The customer survey offered us insight into our customers and the themes that our customers considered important.”



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