Give your customers a real voice

Give your customer a real voice! You can collect qualitative feedback from your best customers with personal interviews. Your customers will feel heard due to this personal attention and you get to ask questions at a strategic level. Personal interviews are a good addition to quantitative research to get even closer to the core of specific themes, but can also be conducted as a stand-alone process.

Why Strategic Interviews?

Focus on key accounts

Strategic interviews allow you to give focused attention to key customers so that you better understand their specific needs and wants.

Qualitative feedback

Qualitative feedback at the strategic level

With in-person interviews, you’ll gather in-depth, qualitative insights that will help you form a strategic direction for your organization.

In-depth insight on theme’s that matter most according to your customers

By listening to your customers on a personal level, you can identify the essential issues that affect their experience with your company.

Our approach

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Integron coordinates with you your requirements and the objective of the strategic interviews.


We coordinate with you on the script that serves as the basis during the interviews to bring out the right input.


After the interviews, a report with conclusions, outcomes and advice is compiled.

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