From just research to strategic transformation

With employee and customer experience as part of your organizational strategy a higher profit and happier customers and employees. Integron facilitates the research and (lean) improvement process with strategic multi-year programs.
  • Save costs and create ambassadors: less turnover and absenteeism and more returning customers

  • Make improvement a priority: lean improvement based on continuous insight.

  • Your organizational goals are our focus: With a solid EX and CX strategy, we help you exceed them

  • 30 years of experience: With historical data and expertise in customer and employee research and consulting

The power of strategic impact

Measuring CX and EX KPIs alone won’t help you actually make an impact on the customer and employee experience. So we don’t just offer you a report with numbers that disappears in the bottom drawer, but go for it:

The big picture

Beyond KPIs, toward real change based on your goals.

From insight to action

It’s not just about measuring, but about realizing your mission and vision.

Strategic partnership

Together we work for the long term, focusing on CX and EX optimization.

Integron comes alongside you in a feedback program

We are completely onboard with your organization’s mission, vision and strategy. We are ready to help with realization, with special attention to the challenges of change. This is how

Find out what we can do for you


In a customer and employee promise, we formulate the optimal CX and EX that goes hand-in-hand with your strategy.


We then focus on the realization of this promise: what themes, developments and processes matter? What should we keep, start and stop?


The realization of CX and EX is placed in the right way and the right places in the organization.


We also provide the right tools to actively adjust the customer and employee experience. This is how you improve the processes that deliver on promises to customers and employees.

Concrete, thoughtful and results-oriented

What to expect: Each program is of course customized, but the following components are always present:

At least one perception survey is conducted each year;

The feedback team consists of board staff and colleagues from relevant departments, such as HRM and the Works Council (EX) or Marketing and Account Management (CX). Integron takes its place on the team with a program manager and research coordinator.

In order for the program to run smoothly and see results, we have a program plan. The feedback team looks at this monthly and quarterly.

Annually, the feedback team tests the CX and EX maturity of its own organization, via a scan developed by Integron for this purpose. The results of this maturity scan are used to give elements of the program plan additional attention in the following year.

Find out what we can do for you

In short, real impact we make together

Are you ready to move from research to strategic program and really work on your strategic goals, happy customers and happy employees?