Ongoing insight into your employees’ loyalty and enthusiasm

With continuous employee feedback, you get an ongoing and up-to-date picture of your employees’ loyalty and enthusiasm. Through a short questionnaire, we measure the level of loyalty (eNPS) within your organization. This allows you to monitor employee satisfaction and engagement more effectively and respond to changes in a timely manner.

Why Continuous Employee Feedback?

Focused, open-ended questions and qualitative feedback

Through targeted, open-ended questions and qualitative feedback, you’ll discover why certain groups of employees are more or less loyal in specific parts of the Employee Journey.

Valuable feedback at moments of truth

With continuous employee feedback, you have both quantitative and qualitative steering information at crucial moments within the Employee Journey.

Really involve employees in your improvement process

By truly involving employees in the improvement process, they feel heard and valued, which has a positive impact on their loyalty and commitment.

Increase employee loyalty

With the insights gained from continuous employee feedback, you can develop strategies to increase employee loyalty.

How to proceed

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Integron will coordinate with you on your wishes, goals and moments of truth in the study.


Using a compiled short questionnaire, we program the survey and collect feedback periodically. In this, we can link to your HRM system so that employees are automatically invited.

Plotting actions

Upon sufficient response, team leaders will receive the results in their own online dashboard. Actions are set and followed up through automatic alerts.

Follow up

Once the team leader has discussed the actions in the team he can follow up in the dashboard. Also, the team leader can decide which specific topics to ask about in a subsequent measurement.

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Continuous Employee Feedback is …

Continuous insight into work experience and the employee journey

Short questionnaires

Employable daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly

Combines well with other forms of research

Online automatic invite employees

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