Are you aiming for happy customers and employees?

With our customer and employee feedback programs, you will exceed your Employee and Customer Experience goals for better business results.
  • Reduced absenteeism and employee turnover

  • Increase customer loyalty and save significantly on marketing costs
  • Customers as ambassadors
  • More profit at the bottom line and happy customers and employees

These organizations went before you

Why choose Integron

Research completely outsourced

With 30 years of experience, we facilitate and help you get the most out of EX and CX

Strategic partnership

Together we work on your CX and EX goals for better business results

Happy people!

Happy people is what we strive for. Also on Mondays.

No tooling

With 30 years of experience, we facilitate and help you get the most out of EX and CX

How we do that?

Together with you, we establish a long-term feedback program based on your customer or employee experience goals. To what extent is CX and EX rooted within your organizational strategy, what is your dot on the horizon and how do we get there?
About us

Customer research, employee research, consulting and strategic programs

Since 1993, Integron has been the expert in customer and employee research. Together with our clients, we build successful organizations where customers and employees thrive and feel happy. As a strategic partner, we offer customized programs. That starts with an Employee Experience and/or Customer Experience strategy based on the challenges of job happiness, pride, engagement, eNPS, NPS, customer retention or customer focus.

That our cooperation is fruitful is evident….

“We can only state that we are extremely satisfied with the insights that Integron has provided us.”
“It’s great that Integron supports and advises us in every possible way in this process. In addition, we are pleased with the dashboard, including action management, where the team can easily note and follow up on actions. We have been working together with them very pleasantly for a long time.”
“Integron is the go-to partner for customer and employee surveys, advice, and support. We have been working together successfully for years, and they are familiar with the ins and outs of our company.”

“At Integron, they excel in their field, provide excellent support, and offer valuable advice. The current contacts are also going exceptionally well. We are very satisfied with the collaboration.”

“We have no regrets about choosing Integron. The collaboration went smoothly. They provide support and advice on all fronts. Schools that need it receive guidance on following up on results and working on improvements.”

Sucesses should be celebrated

Which organizations are best in class in terms of customer and employee experience ? Keeping customers committed to your business and your employees happy is not that simple. That’s why we annually present the Experience Awards to the customers who perform best in terms of customer and employee experience.