Continuously monitor customer feedback

Regular customer surveys are conducted periodically or annually. If you want to act instantly on the moments of truth with relatively short questionnaires, continuous customer feedback is the ideal solution. With real-time insight into the most important aspects according to your customers you’re able to act directly on the feedback. From contact with your account managers to complaint handling.

Why monitor customer feedback continuously?

Real-time insight for proactive action

Continuous customer feedback monitoring provides real-time insight and immediate opportunity for action, allowing you to address issues in a timely manner and promote customer satisfaction, from contact with account managers to complaint handling.

Continuous insight into your customers’ experience

Continuously monitoring customer feedback provides an ongoing and up-to-date view of the customer experience, giving you a deeper understanding of customers’ needs, expectations and satisfaction during their interactions with your organization.

Acting directly on customer feedback

By acting on feedback immediately, you demonstrate that you take customers seriously and prioritize their satisfaction. This can result in higher customer loyalty and have a positive impact on your reputation and brand image.

Involving customers and employees in the improvement process

Customers feel heard and valued, and employees gain valuable insights into how their efforts affect customer satisfaction.

Our approach

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Continuously monitor customer feedback with Integron

Integron’s research to continuously monitor customer feedback offers:

  • Continuous insight into the customer journey

  • Daily, weekly or monthly deployment

  • Automated alerts to stakeholders within your organization
  • A possibility of combination with other forms of research
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