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For Canon Medical Systems Europe the ‘voice of the customer’ and ‘customer satisfaction’ are really important. It is fully embedded in the DNA of the organization and has a central position in the corporate vision. Since 2008 Integron has been a trusted partner for conducting customer surveys. In more than 10 years, the collaboration has grown into one of the most progressive in the market.

Personal approach as a distinctive power

According to Jack Hoogendoorn, Senior Marketing and Brand Manager at Canon Medical, the products, systems and technologies of Canon Medical are very high standard quality. However, mainly the personal approach gives Canon a distinctive character. Jack: “To facilitate this, insights in customer satisfaction is essential for us. These insights are achieved from the first moment of contact up untill installation, training, maintenance and possible calamities. We want to measure the satisfaction and NPS during the whole business process, because we believe that this cannot be captured only once or twice a year. You only get real insights when you get as close as possible to the moment of truth and receive feedback about what just happened. Continuously improvement and anticipation of changing circumstances is the only way to survive as a company.”

“Continuously improvement and anticipation of changing circumstances is the only way to survive as a company.”

Fully convicted chosen for continuous customer feedback

Some years ago, Canon Medical firmly opted for continuous customer survey based on the customer journey. Jack: “In our customer journey, we define six touchpoints whereby we want to exceed our customers’ expectations. Currently three touchpoints are being measured: delivery and installation, trainings, and SOS-services (emergencies). By working step-by-step towards measuring the complete customer journey, we give our customer managers time to get used to this new way of measuring.

Separate won/lost research for specific feedback

In any way, adaptability is required in these types of long-term and complex projects. “After mapping the employee journey for the first time, we defined nine moments of truth”. Now, these moments have been reduced to seven. For example, it turned out that the won/lost module needed another approach. Because we often participate in public tenders at hospitals, which are not allowed to have any contact with potential suppliers in the period between receiving a quotation and choosing a supplier, this is no longer included in the satisfaction survey. The reason for this is because it does not answer the question: “how satisfied are u with…” but rather what motivations play an important role during the decision-making process at a hospital. Partly for this reason, we decided to further explore this in a separate won/lost survey, which enables us to receive specific feedback for improvement.”

API developed for link between systems

It is a challenge to streamline the extensive datatraffic generated by continuous customer feedback  between different software solutions. Benjamin de Mooij, Senior Consultant at Integron: “For this reason, technicians of both organisations developed an API, a link that makes communication between Salesforce, Canon Medical’s CRM system, and Customer Heartbeat, Integron’s survey software, possible. Once a customers’ touchpoint is completed, a questionnaire is sent completely automatically. Completed surveys will be returned to Salesforce fully automatically as well. In this way, all Canon Medical customer managers have continuous insights in their customer satisfaction.”

“For this reason, technicians of both organisations developed an API, a link that makes communication between Salesforce, Canon Medical’s CRM system, and Customer Heartbeat, Integron’s research software, possible.”

Self-initiative is possible due to real-time insight

The continuous customer survey is conducted in twelve European countries and provides an internal benchmark for Canon Medical’s European headquarters. Benjamin: “All country managers have customer insight into the online results dashboard of Integron with their personal login code. In this dashboard, they are able to monitor their satisfaction, NPS, customer journey and points of improvement. They might also take self-initiative. This is an excellent opportunity to focus on exceeding customer’s expectations.”

Filter to avoid irritation

Despite every module has a focused target group, a risk of continuous customer feeback remains that customers too often receive a questionnaire. “Continuous may never been seen as annoying. To prevent this, an anti-irritation filter is applied so that respondents are not asked for feedback more often than necessary. Canon Medical decides by themselves how often they invite their customers. In general, this has a maximum of twice a month. Customers who wouldn’t like to be questioned this way, have the opportunity to use an opt-out and will not be invited anymore.”

A permanent connection with organisation goals and core values

Securing the survey as a  core part of the company’s strategy is a high priority. “Twice a year a tailer-made report is made with results and analysis which are being discussed with our European management team and all country directors. In this way, a connection is made permanently with our organisation goals and core values.”

Structurally a grade of a 9+ on satisfaction and an NPS of more than 70 percent

The results give reason for optimism. “Structurally, we reach a score of a 9+ grade on satisfaction and an NPS of more than 70 percent. However, this is no excuse for leaning back and relax. That is why we introduced an action threshold on scores beyond a 6 on every question and aspect of the survey. If we score lower on these elements, action has to be taken directly. Staying at the top is more difficult than coming to the top, so we need to be keen on that.”

“Staying at the top is more difficult than coming at the top, so we need to be keen on that.”

Communicating more often with our customers about the added value of the survey

Active feedback is crucial in order to maintain a high level of support among customers for continuous customer feedback. “Communicating with our customers about added value of the survey for our service should result in an increase of the response. This will often happen on an individual level, which makes it more personal and it provides a greater impact.”

Strong belief in the synergy of satisfaction of customers, internal customers and employees

Extending the survey is another ambition. “First, we want to measure all the touchpoints of the customer journey. Afterwards, we want to relate the survey to internal customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction, preferrably in one dashboard. We strongly believe in synergy in the satisfaction of customers, internal customers and employees.”

Continuing and intensifying the coöperation

For Canon Medical there’s no doubt: the coöporation between Canon and Integron needs to be intensified. “There are a lot of agencies which can conduct a survey perfectly. They exactly do what you ask them and provide you the asked insights. But for us it is mainly the role of Integron as a sparring partner, the degree of interaction and the mutual respect that have ensured that we are progressive in the field of continuous customer feedback and achieve convincing results. We want to continue and intensify the cooperation.”


Jack Hoogendoorn

Optimal customer experience leads to better diagnosis and treatment

Canon lookes further than just customers and users. “Next to the medical professionals, we also take the patients who are treated strongly into account. With the help of scientist, we develop new products, technologies and systems to unburden patients during radiographic research or treatments. Medical specialists, as well as heads of radiology departments, are mostly part of our purchasing teams. As much as possible we try to invite all of our customers for a customer survey. This results in a big variety of feedback, so that you can literally say that optimal customer satisfaction leads to better diagnosis and treatment”.

About Canon Medical

Canon Medical offers a full range of diagnostic medical technology and software worldwide for visualizing the acquired data. Patients are in a central point of everything the organisation does. Its mission is to provide medical professionals solutions which support their efforts to contribute to the health and wellbeing of patients worldwide.

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