Customer survey: get the best out of your customers

How satisfied and loyal are your customers? How do you develop and improve your organization, and increase the added value of departments and employees so that customers are happy to purchase more? View our different solutions for customer surveys below.

Your strategy, customer environment,
ambitions and goals are key

Integron advises you on the correct methodology, resources and frequency. With the insights obtained through infographics, reports, score cards and an online intelligence dashboard, we help you get the best out of your customers.

Annual customer Survey

Annual Customer Survey

Insights into what your customers think about your organization and services

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Periodic NPS survey

NPS survey

How loyal are your customers, and why?

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Continuous Customer feedback

Continuous customer feedback

Act immediately in moments of truth

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Strategic interviews

Strategic interviews

Give your customers a real voice

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customer Panels

Customer panels

Direct contact with your focus group through group sessions

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The perfect solution for your challenge

  • Is it the first time that you want to conduct a survey / has it been several years since a survey was conducted? Or do you want in-depth insight into the entire organization? Then get started with an annual Customer Satisfaction Survey.

  • Do you want more in-depth results? Or more control over your top 20 customers? Then consider strategic interviews or a customer panel.

  • Do you want to get regular feedback from your customers? Or do you want to have continuous insight into the degree of recommendation (NPS) and are you curious about what characterizes a promoter, passive and detractor? Then consider a periodic or continuous NPS survey.

  • More insight into and grip on the moments of truth (touch points) within the customer journey? What about onboarding customers, contact with customer service, our projects, sales calls, complaints, etc.? Read more about continuous customer feedback.

Check out our other solutions

Project Evaluatie Monitor

Project Evaluation Monitor

Get feedback from your customers right after a project is finished

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Image/Stakeholder survey

Understand stakeholders’ perception of your organization

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