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The results from the research are displayed realtime in our dashboard ‘Customer-‘ and ‘Employee Heartbeat’. With a log-in code you have direct access to the results and you can use the activation management to direct actions to the aspects with the highest improvement potential.

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Real-time insight with our Business Intelligence Dashboard

Extensive analyzes are made with the business intelligence dashboard. Depending on the scope of the research, segments, blood groups and differences over time can be compared and exported. In addition, the dashboard provides insight into which aspects have the greatest potential for improvement through a priority matrix and top 10 improvement points. The satisfaction and the importance of each aspect according to the respondent are examined.

User dashboard

The new tile dashboard provides shielded information for specific function groups such as management, HR, marketing and sales managers. This dashboard can be customized for each function group. In this way, insights that really matter are visualized visually by function group. Examples include (but not limited to) the customer or employee journey, the priority matrix, the set of actions and qualitative answers to the questioning of NPS and eNPS.

Alerts en activation management

For some research trajectories, alerts can be set based on positive, neutral or negative feedback. For example, an account manager can get a positive or negative NPS from a customer. He receives a notification and can therefore take immediate action. With activation management, managers can set out actions to those involved in your organization and the progress of these actions can be kept in a clear overview.

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