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The Integron App; even closer to your customer and employee feedback.

The arrival of the Integron app brings feedback from your customers and employees even closer. You can now get started with employee and customer experience in no time. Whether you want to get started with a specific customer, or want to know how enthusiastic your customers from your region are, anytime, anywhere, the Integron App provides the solution.

Because EX is the engine for CX, you can see how your team is doing in the Integron app. This will give you quick insight into where in your organization you can improve in terms of work experience. Also give each manager the opportunity to work with his or her team’s results through a personal action plan. All quickly and easily, with the new Integron app.


Celebrate your successful follow-up

The technology we used for the app ensures that it is compatible with both Google and Apple operating systems. And with this first version of the we are taking an important step toward the future. In the future, we expect the Integron app to play an even more important role when it comes to improving EX and CX. Consider, for example, the addition of up-to-date benchmark information and videos with tips & tricks. In short, the first step to sustainably improving your CX and EX!

Make your employee self-aware through the employee portal.

To take the EX to a high level, the voice of your employees is critical. Even after collecting employee feedback, it is crucial to actively engage them. For proper follow-up, a board, the executives, but also certainly the employees must work with the results. For the first two groups we already had personalized dashboards, but for the last group there is now an interactive dashboard as well.

Employee Portal

As an employee, how can you contribute to your organization? This begins by mirroring your own perceptions with your immediate colleagues on the team, a specific region in which you work, or even the entire organization. Our new employee portal not only gives you the reminder of the feedback you have given, but more importantly helps the employee see his or her results in perspective. This is the starting point for taking the work experience to the next level together.

Other developments

In addition to these major developments, we have also worked on the speed of our platform over the past period, it is now possible to view multiple surveys with the same login, and we have further improved the visualization of certain question types.

If you’re curious about these or other tech developments within Integron, our consultants would be happy to tell you more about them.

Robert Mentink, Business Manager Employee Experience
Managing Director
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