1nergiek emphasizes the importance of doing a customer satisfaction survey or an employee satisfaction survey on a regular basis

Laetitia is a proponent of regularly conducting tests how customers and employees think about certain situations or cases and how satisfied they are. Laetitia: “If you take yourself serious as a company and you would like to achieve certain goals, then you have to conduct surveys on a regular basis. It is not possible to write a nice business plan for the next years and afterwards conducts one survey and then claim that your business is doing well. You really must keep measuring and measuring. It is important to refine such a business plan due to certain developments and changes. As a company, you should be prepared for these refinements.”

“If you take yourself serious as a company and you would like to achieve certain goals, then you have to conduct surveys on a regular basis”

“Right now, you just have to remain open to customers and employees”

To remain open to customers and employees is essential during this COVID-19 period. “I think a lot of organisations take in the position of a protective role, such as: “how we are going to survive this situation”. Furthermore, these organisations will look which cost items could be reduced or removed. However, I think you should remain open to customers and employees, right now during this period. Being creative and think about solutions is a way to get through this period. For that reason, we decided to continue our cooperation with Integron, especially now. In my opinion, if you stop this kind of cooperation’s and only pay internally intention by an extreme focus on costs, you will collapse like a soufflé. In this way all the air will flow out of the organisation then, while you just want to keep it in. Create and maintain a certain freedom of movement is important. You should keep shining as a company!”

Award-winner in the field of employee experience

In 2019, 1nergiek won the award for Employee Experience in the category of professional and financial services. Laetitia: “Every is still very proud of this price. We would like to hold the high level of employee satisfaction. Employees are our most important good, which I tried to emphasize more and more recently. In my opinion, a safe work environment is very important. With that, I mean that people should enjoy working for our organisation. But it is also very important that those people dare to give their opinion and be critical. Personally, dialogue and support are essential elements for me. Just a culture which is open. We want to be a unity based on diversity. Nobody is the same. For this reason, we would like to approach everyone in a personal way and try everyone to be shown to their advantages. In addition, we really try to inspire others. I think we are a very enthusiastic club. In that case, we inspire each other the be enthusiastic.”

Celebrate the successes and look critically what could be improved

The results out of an employee survey or a customer survey is step 1, but what will be the following step? Laetitia: “I think it is very important to celebrate what could be celebrated and to look critically to things which could be improved. Try to think about new ideas and possibilities with each other. You must be vulnerable to both customers and employees and be open about the points which could be improved. Of course, this is very difficult, but for that I reason like these challenges even more. These challenges make it excited. Take risks to reach the highest goals is what I like. We have to move and keep moving.”

1nergiek verlengen samenwerking

“1nergiek is an organisation where sincere attention is paid to employees and customers”

So, dynamic: do not freeze and keep investing. For the next 5 years, 1nergiek has chosen Integron as their partner again in the area of customer satisfactions surveys and employee satisfaction surveys. Laetitia: “Our collaboration has been very smooth in last years. 1nergiek’s DNA simply matches very well with the DNA of Integron. I think we are both quite flexible, dare to be critical and have a culture which is very open”. Arjen Maliepaard, Managing Director at Integron is also happy with the extension of the collaboration between Integron and 1nergiek: “1nergiek is an organisation where sincere attention is paid to employees and customers. This is part of the DNA of the organisation and a lot of time is always put in this DNA, not only during annual customers surveys or employee surveys. Winning the Employee Experience Award in 2019 says it all, of course. Then it is even more beautiful to see that the ambition is to maintain at least the level we reach nowadays or even to improve our performances. We are extremely looking forward to the continuation of the collaboration, where we will make the connection between data which are derived from customers surveys or employee surveys.”

Laetitita: “Integron has got the experience and the expertise to advise our organisation properly and in an honest way. So, we will continue. In addition, the research methodology and the elaboration are quite clear in my opinion. You clearly can do something with that. These are clear tools to use. For example, the infographic was very useful as well, it was short but powerful. Integron really thinks along with us and the feedback of the results is good. On every level of the organisation, the feedback could be used.”

“In addition, the research methodology and the elaboration are quite clear in my opinion.  You clearly can do something with that.”

About 1nergiek

With around 600 employees, 1nertiek is a medium-sized player in the corporate cleaning market. The organisation is an active organisation in real estate, the cultural sector, shopping malls, the office market, and schools. The goal is to create an optimal living environment, work environment and shopping environment. 1nergiek offers different kinds of service for this. From the cleaning, window cleaner up to a specialist cleaner. From the receptionist up to service host or caretaker.

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