Get the best out of your employees

The involvement, enthusiasm and commitment of your employees are key. And of course the pride of employees and the extent to which they feel loyal and connected. How can you increase the value of and connection with your employees?

Your employees,
ambitions and goals are key

Integron advises you about the correct methodology, resources and frequency. Will it be online or on paper? Once per year, periodically or continuously? An employee panel or a community? With the insights gained through infographics, reports, scorecards and an online intelligence dashboard we help you to get the best out of your employees, so that you can better your sales funnel strategy.

Jaarlijks Medewerkersonderzoek

Annual employee survey

Insights into the motivations and expectations of your employees

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Instroom onderzoek

Onboarding survey

Insights into the onboarding phase

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Continu medewerker feedback

Continuous Employee Feedback

Continuous insight into the loyalty of your employees

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Are we on Track

Are we on track?

Have the chosen actions based on the first survey been effective?

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Thematisch onderzoek

Thematic research

In-depth feedback on relevant topics

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Werkdruk onderzoek

Work pressure monitor

How is the workload within your organization?

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Uitstroom onderzoek

Exit survey

Insights into employee turnover within your organization

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