Employee survey: get the best out of your employees

The involvement, enthusiasm and commitment of your employees are key. And of course the pride of employees and the extent to which they feel loyal and connected. How can you increase the value of and connection with your employees?

Your employees,
ambitions and goals are key

Integron advises and customizes the correct measuring method based on the type of organization, experience with regard to such studies, ambitions and goals with your organisation. Can we reach the employees online, written, by telephone, text message or on location? Do we start with a broad 0-measurement or do we measure more often and thematically? Should we continuously test specific parts of the employee journey?

medewerker feedbackprogramma

Employee feedback

More frequent feedback about relevant topics and themes for groups of employees.

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Continu medewerker feedback

Continuous Employee Feedback

Continuous insight into the loyalty of your employees

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Are we on Track

Employee journey survey

Continuously knowing how the employee experiences parts of the journey.

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Annual employee survey

Insights into the motivations and expectations of your employees

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The perfect solution for your challenge

  • Is it the first time that you want to conduct a research / has it been several years that a research was conducted? Or do you want in-depth insight into the entire organization? Then get started with the annual employee satisfaction survey.

  • Do you want to monitor and adjust the progress of the improvement plan from a traditional ESS, or do you want more frequent and shorter insight into specific themes? Then consider an employee feedback program.

  • Collect feedback from your employees more often? Or do you want to have continuous insight into the degree of recommendation (eNPS) and want to know what characterizes a promoter, passive and detractor? Then look at the continuous employee feedback program.

  • If you want to optimize onboarding in order to integrate employees better and faster, or want to reduce turnover by learning from departing employees, read more about the employee journey survey.

Check out our other solutions

Instroom onderzoek

Onboarding survey

Are we on Track

Are we on track?

Thematisch onderzoek

Thematic research

Werkdruk onderzoek

Work pressure monitor

Uitstroom onderzoek

Exit survey

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