The partnership between Integron and Allinq regarding to employee survey has been lasting for almost 10 years. Up to the end of 2018, Integron conducted a broad employee survey once every 3 years for Allinq.

Piet Dijkstra, Director Human Resource Management at Allinq:

“In the beginning of 2020, we started conducting thematic surveys for the first time, twice a year. These thematic surveys will be followed by another broad employee survey in 2022. The first thematic survey is an ‘are we on track’ (AWOT) survey, in which we repeat the questions regarding themes our employees deemed most opportunistic for improvement.”

The second survey will be about the continuation on our strategy: ‘The Vital few’

“Based on the challenges we will focus on for the next years, we formed a renewed strategy. The topics which support the realization of this strategy are essential. We call these topics ‘The Vital few’, which range from ‘the right people at the right place’ up to ‘waste to zero’. For that reason, the second survey will be about the continuation on the strategy. The new approach may be good, but to be successful with this strategy, it is very important that our employees must experience the added value of it. After all, they do their job for our customers. Our task as management is to facilitate our employees as good as possible in this situation.”

Permanent tight labor market is the biggest challenge

The biggest challenge for the next coming years is the labor shortage. “We work very hard every day to fill a large amount of technical vacancies. At the same time, other organizations attract our employees. We want to minimize staff turnover by gaining more (often) insights into the work experience of our employees and more importantly, by focusing on this. It is important to keep securing knowledge for the future. To keep securing this knowledge, the role of the manager is a crucial link in this situation.

Using the feedback we received from the thematic surveys, we know in which specific topics we need to invest in concerning leadership development. A good goal to strive for is that exit discussions with employees who leave the organization because they are not aware of their opportunities at Allinq, will become a thing of the past.”

Allinq is an organization with a lot of role diversity.

“Thematic surveys are the solution we were looking for because of the extensive customization possibilities. Our employees ‘inside’ have different issues than employees ‘outside’. We also have a fixed and a flexible part. All our employees receive a survey per theme with only questions which are relevant for them. This way we can make a difference for our employees more often and more specific.”

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