Analyze and reduce workload

Do you want to gain insight into the workload within your organization through a survey? Workload is a current topic in many industries, prompting numerous companies to delve into it. Conducting a survey allows employers to understand the workload and its causes, whether it is primarily due to available resources (time, assistance, and knowledge) or influenced by individual capacity. Integron’s workload survey provides answers by measuring and analyzing these aspects.

Voordelen van een werkdrukonderzoek

The benefits of a workload monitor

If you, as an employer, decide to conduct a workload survey, you will gain:

  • Comprehensive insight into workload, including potential consequences and causes.

  • Specific opportunities to effectively reduce workload.

Our approach

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Our workload monitor is…

  • A survey based on the theoretic JD-R model (Job Demand-Recources)
  • Insight into activities / tasks versus the available time and resources
  • Optimisation of resources throughout the organization, per individual and per team
  • Usable as separate survey, part of a larger employee survey or as follow up in depth analysis of a larger employee survey
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Benefit from our extensive expertise

Do you want to conduct a comprehensive employee survey with the help of an experienced professional? With 30 years of experience, Integron has the knowledge and tools to strive for happy employees. Are you curious about the possibilities? Get in touch with us by calling or sending us an email.