Onboarding research

How do you recruit new employees and can you live up their expectations when they start working for your organization? Having insights into all phases during the onboarding of new employees is of great importance to create and maintain a good working experience. Monitoring this first phase of the employee journey in the first 6 months of employment can be a great help to optimize your recruitment process, from employer branding to the training process.

Why onboarding research?


The ability to optimize the first period of work experience for new employees

Acteren op alle onderdelen

Instantly act on different phases during the onboarding of new employees

Continu inzicht in belangrijkste KPI's

Continuous insights into the enthusiasm (eNPS) of new employees


Onboarding research is…

  • Continuous employee feedback

  • The employee experience measured in the first 6 months of employment in key phases

  • Connecting HR systems with our tooling for automated invitations

  • Insights to optimize the full training period

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