Cookies, social media, plug-in scripts & web fonts

Functional cookies

We use functional cookies which are necessary for the proper functioning of our websites. Cookies are files stored on your computer, for example to distinguish users. These cookies can be removed at any time via the browser settings of the computer.

Tracking Cookies

In addition to functional cookies, we may use tracking cookies. Tracking cookies analyse the browser behaviour and examine advertising preferences. For this we use external software such as Google Analytics. Before we use these tracking cookies, we first request explicit permission during your visit to our websites. This display can be found in the so-called cookie notice bar at the bottom of the page. You are not obliged to accept these cookies to visit our websites. These cookies can be removed at any time via the browser settings of the computer.

Subsequently, your permission will be requested again. Personal data that are, for example, linked to your Facebook or Google account, can be deleted via the concerned organisations.

Delete cookies

To remove the cookies from your browser, we have provided links to four popular browsers below:

Social media plug-in usage

Plug-ins of social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter can be found on our websites. When you use these plug-ins and you are also logged on to one of the mentioned social media networks, these networks may receive data about your browsing behaviour. When you visit one of our websites, these social media plug-ins can establish a direct connection between your browser and the social media servers. This means that these parties know that you have visited our websites with your IP address. This way Facebook can, for example, link your visit to our websites to your user account. We would like to point out that we, as provider of the websites, are not informed of the content of the transmitted data and therefore neither of the use of this data by these companies. If you do not want these companies to link your visit to your social media accounts, then you must log out of the social media networks before you visit our websites.

Use other plug-in scripts and web fonts

JavaScript is used for the correct functioning and display of our websites. This can also come from an external party such as Google Web fonts. If you activate JavaScript in your browser and do not have a JavaScript blocker installed, your browser may forward personal data if a code is loaded by one of our suppliers. We do not know what data is linked to the received data and for what purposes this data is used. You can prevent JavaScript code from being executed by installing a JavaScript blocker (e.g.