How long we store personal data

We do not store your personal data longer than strictly necessary to realise the purposes of your data collection. Your data will not be stored for more than 26 months. You can remove cookies via the browser settings at any time. To remove the cookies from your browser, we have provided links to four popular browsers below:

Specific information for participants (respondents) in a survey:

If a commissioned survey has been carried out, we will return the collected personal data to the client upon written request and destroy the copies made, unless the client disputes the services and / or (personal) data provided. Copies that are part of the backup routine will be removed by us as soon as possible. 2 months after the tasks conferred have been completed, we will signal the client that the data will be destroyed in, unless the client wishes the data to be retained.

If you provide explicit permission for feedback of your answers to the questionnaire by name, a retention period of 24 months applies. After 22 months the Processor shall notify the Controller that the data will be destroyed after 2 months, unless the Controller wants such data to be retained.