We pull out all the stops to really help organizations move forward with a top customer and employee experience. Because sometimes specific expertise is required in parts of a customer and/or employee feedback program, we work with among others cooperate with the following expert partners.

Mirela Kahrimanovic

Mirela gained years of research experience on customer behavior, wants and needs as a Research Consultant at Integron and is now Customer Experience Manager at Gemeente Rotterdam. Still affiliated with Integron, she helps clients take a step forward in understanding and optimizing the customer journey and customer experience from research insights.

Team Heartbeats

Resilient people, agile organizations. Heartbeats believes that people are the beating heart of an organization. Their mission is to give people a growth spurt that makes them more resilient. This makes companies agile and provides a strong foundation for transformation so that they remain of value on an earth worth living on. Integron provides insight into resilience, Team Heartbeats follows up.

Feike Cats

As an inspirer and motivator, enticer and customer enthusiasm expert Feike Cats helps organizations become more customer-centric. Together with Feike, Integron releases the “how customer enthusiastic is the Netherlands” white paper.

Fiorella Moretto

Fiorella holds an MSc in Regional Studies of Latin America. She deals with intercultural communication, talent scouting and interpreting. She also regularly supports Integron in multilingual research projects and workshops.

Ewald Euser

Ewald acquired his passion for customer and employee experience at Integron, where he worked as a project manager for many years. With his business background, he has spent the past several years working on strategic issues. Ewald has worked for Akzo Nobel, Stedin and Priva, among others. Modern strategy is increasingly shifting from pure shareholder thinking to creating (social) value. Therefore, it is important for an organization to be in continuous dialogue with stakeholders and in this way (re)evaluate priorities for the future. Ewald helps Integron and clients get these priorities on the table through strategic interviews and sessions.

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