Mapping your employees’ journey together

Do you want to create inspired, satisfied and happy employees? Do you want to understand why, for example, absenteeism within your organization is so high? Or do you want to make the hr team and managers aware of employee perceptions within the organization? Then mapping the employee journey is a great solution.

Why Employee Journey Mapping?

Creating support and awareness

By standing together in the employee’s shoes, we create support and awareness.

Out of the box thinking

Bring about innovation by thinking out of the box and apart from everyday processes.

Acting on moments of truth

Optimize and add value by acting in moments of truth

Our working method

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Determine focus

In a start-up session, we determine the focus of the emloyee journey research. What are your goals and needs? Which employee group do you want to focus on, and which stakeholders and teams do you want to involve?


With the (HR) team and a specific group of employees, we map out the journey. What phases are there? What is the behavior of your employees? How does your staff experience the workload? And what questions and needs does the employee have for each phase?


Based on the journey, we clarify where the pain and areas for improvement lie. We identify opportunities and work together toward solutions. How do we surprise (potential) employees and improve the employee experience?


By engaging the target audience, we deepen the journey and fill in the gaps in our knowledge about the employee experience. We create a complete picture, then take steps to get inspired, satisfied and happy employees.

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Employee Journey Mapping with Integron

Integron’s employee journey program includes a structured approach to optimizing the employee journey:

Journey Mapping with Employees

We start by mapping the journey in close collaboration with employees, giving us a good understanding of their experiences and needs.

Continuous adjustment at crucial moments

We constantly monitor the employee journey and make adjustments at the crucial moments so that we are always responsive to the needs of employees.

Engaging employees and increasing loyalty

We actively involve employees in the improvement process, making them feel heard and valued, which contributes to their loyalty to the organization.

Insight and Improvement after 6 Months

After a period of 6 months, we gain insight into new components from the journey and improve where necessary to continue to ensure the optimal employee journey.

Getting started with Employee Journey Mapping?

Would you like to research the employee journey within your organization or learn more about employee journey mapping? Integron is the research agency in Rotterdam that offers you the right support. Wondering what we can do for you? Contact us by calling 0104115966 or send an e-mail to We would be happy to tell you more about our services. You can also request a demo online.