Getting the best out of customers, employees, stakeholders and residents of waste service providers.

Waste services score relatively low within the B2B landscape in the Netherlands when it comes to customer experience. In addition, waste service providers have to deal with many stakeholders with whom they work and residents depend on the quality of service.

The perception at and about waste services in the Netherlands

Integron has an extensive benchmark of customer experience in waste services and also publishes the annual report “Employee Experience in the Netherlands.

Average NPS and customer satisfaction is relatively low compared to other industries

Residents would like to see improvement in handling complaints and managing public spaces

Employees particularly want improvement on topics such as collaboration, resources and the extent to which MT knows what is going on.

Stakeholders are particularly satisfied with primary services and see improvement in resident participation

Getting started with the experience of your employees and customers

By tracking the perceptions of customers, employees, stakeholders and residents with customized research programs, you gain targeted steering information to continuously improve. Based on your requirements, Integron advises and matches the right measurement methodology. Together we determine the scope and look at the reachability of your customers, employees, stake-holders and/or residents and whether we will measure this once, periodically or continuously the touchpoints in the employee and/or customer journey.

From our dashboard and reporting, you receive great insight into your customers’ and employees’ feedback. Also, we can make a good comparison of your performance against other waste service providers.

Our solutions

these waste organizations have gone before you

Waste service success stories

Why choose Integron

  • Integron has been providing quantitative and qualitative research and advice to more than 25 waste organizations in the Netherlands for nearly 30 years.

  • With our unique methodology, you gain insight into satisfaction and importance for concrete priorities from customers, residents, stakeholders and employees.

  • Taking multiple surveys: financial benefits and linking results for optimal analyses and conclusions

  • State-of-the-art research platform

What our customers say

“For me the cooperation was new and I experienced it as very positive. Appointments are kept, lines of communication are short and we receive advice at various times. Integron really thinks along with its clients to make the research run optimally.”

Myke Kregting, HR consultant

“The fact that Integron has a lot of experience in the waste industry is of great value to us. They also have a large share in our niche of waste services, that of municipal partnerships. Learning from other organizations is essential to achieving our ambition of scoring at least an 8.”

Monique de Jong, Manager of Policy & Communications

“In 2021, we plan to conduct the resident survey again in cooperation with Integron. We are very satisfied with the previous surveys and feel it is important to be able to monitor improvements over a long period of time.”

Inger van Gelderen, Policy Advisor

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