Employee Journey Feedback

Finding, retaining and engaging employees has never been more important. An optimal employee journey is important to retain employees for longer and to create real ambassadors. The employee journey is everything that employees encounter, perceive and expect when working for an organization. The journey consists of three parts; onboarding, development and offboarding.

Why Employee Journey Feedback


Improving onboarding so that the employee is settled in faster and better

Employee Journey

Following developments that directly affect employees in their daily work

Inzicht in de werkbeleving per team, functiegroep en individu

Reduce employee turnover and learn from offboarding employees

Inzicht in de werkbeleving per team, functiegroep en individu

Full insight into the employee journey and key moments

We customize the complete employee feedback program in consultation with you.

Employee Journey Integron Survey

Employee Journey survey with Integron: the process:

An employee journey program from Integron means:

  • First mapping the journey with employees

  • Continuous adjustment at crucial moments in the journey

  • Involving employees and increasing loyalty

  • Provide insight into and improve new parts of the journey after 6 months

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