Employee feedback program

Organisations constantly develop. Getting feedback once or twice a year on all these developments sometimes isn’t enough. Are you curious how, for example, what your employees think about new developments? What do your employees think about new strategies and have the new processes the desired effect? These questions can be answered by measuring specific themes more often.


Why an employee feedback program?


Continuous development within organizations and more frequent feedback to discover trends over time

Employee Journey

Insights into relevant themes within the organization, such as leadership, enthusiasm and work pressure

Inzicht in de werkbeleving per team, functiegroep en individu

Question groups of employees about their own themes for in-depth information

Program example

An employee feedback program from Integron means:

  • Tailor-made program with a combination of research solutions

  • Retrieving feedback several times a year

  • In-depth feedback about specific themes

  • Mix of short and long questionnaires

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