Annual Employee Satisfaction Survey

With an employee satisfaction survey you know exactly what the motivational drivers, experiences and expectations of your employees are. With these insights you know how you are doing in relation to the benchmark and you can work on improvements on an organizational, team and individual level.

Why conduct an annual employee survey?


Insight into core KPI’s like eNPS, motivational drivers and loyalty of your employees.

Employee Journey

Act on all touchpoints in the employee journey

Inzicht in de werkbeleving per team, functiegroep en individu

In-depth insight in the work experience within your organization, per team or individual


An annual employee satisfaction survey is…

  • Quantitative online or offline research

  • An annual survey targeted on various themes

  • Know where you stand as an organization in relation to the benchmark

  • Customized topics relevant to your organization, such as loyalty, employee retention, work pressure, leadership, vitality and sustainable employability

  • Mirror survey: Management looking through the eyes of their employees

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