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The survey has been completed. The results show what the current status of your organisation is. Now, it is time to inform and activate the various internal and external stakeholders. Really going to work with the insights you’ve gained is a significant challenge, and often sounds easier than it truly is. The goal is to make a tangible difference for your employees and customers through targeted means.


Interactive sessions, workshops and trainings are the way to get to work on your organisation. For each target group, from board members, management (central, regional or local), departments and employees, Integron has a tailored solution. We will help you get your organisation moving.

How do I make the survey’s results tangible for the entire organisation?

What customer and employee challenges should we address, and how do we monitor them?

How can we be trained to get the most out of our customers and employees?


Truly developing the dialogue is what makes the difference. Integron will help you get this internal dialogue with your employees started. Our enthusiastic team will help you with that.

Informing & Activating
Informing & Activating


Every individual customer has given feedback. About your organisation, your products, your services and your employees. Valuable feedback, that an account manager or officer in charge of costumer relations can use to achieve much. Your customer is expecting a reaction… and action. We will help your employees conduct the dialogue with the customer in the best possible way.


The employee survey has been completed and the results are known. The board of management, managers, department heads and employees have all been informed. Every manager has received the results relating to his or her department. The results often confront people with unpleasant facts. The distance to employees may be large. We will teach your managers the best way to conduct the dialogue with the employees, using the results as a basis.