Baker Tilly: The project team and HR department as the owner of the employee survey

Bert van der Leeden,  | Baker Tilly 

Top 10 accountancy firm

Integron and Baker Tilly Berk first collaborated in 2015 to achieve insight into employee satisfaction. Baker Tilly Berk’s name in its field of business is such that it requires no introduction. With 17 branches, over 700 employees and a top 10 listing in the Netherlands, Baker Tilly Berk is a renowned accountancy firm.

Intensive collaboration and tailored survey

In preparation of the survey into employee satisfaction, Integron’s project manager and Baker Tilly Berk’s project team worked closely together, using the project design as a basis. During the drafting of the project design, matters such as segmentation, planning, customisation of the question list and additional themes were discussed. Integron’s basic question list was fleshed out with additional question to satisfy Baker Tilly Berk’s full information need. The mirror survey was also carried out during the preparation. For the mirror survey, the partners were asked to complete the question list from the point of view of the employee. This mirror survey was used to analyse whether there were an differences between the expected and actual satisfaction of employees at Baker Tilly Berk. In order to obtain targeted insight, Baker Tilly Berk was divided into various segments, including “blood groups”, branches and whether or not employees were authorised to sign. Through an effective communication plan, clear invitations, targeted reminders and guidance from Baker Tilly Berk, a good benchmark response was realised.

Bert van der Leeden (Administrative Centre Director):
In addition to collaborating on all aspects, Integron is flexible and always meets agreed deadlines. The results from surveys were presented in a clear fashion in the extensive and user-friendly online dashboard, ‘Employee Heartbeat’. Baker Tilly Berk found their perfect partner to carry out their employee survey in Integron. Integron does what it promises to do.

Results viewed from various perspectives

The results from the survey were processed in the online dashboard Employee Heartbeat and analysed in an overall report and sub-reports per branch. These reports presented analysis of employee satisfaction, the results of the mirror survey and Integron’s accountancy benchmark, giving several perspectives on the results. The sub-reports addressed this in more detail, so that the partners at each branch were optimally informed. In addition to an analysis, the reports contained various conclusions and recommendations on the path Baker Tilly Berk could take to improve employee satisfaction. Integron did this by contrasting the top 10 core expectations (the 10 scores with the highest importance) with the satisfaction scores. This made it precisely visible what points for improvement required action.

The work group and HR department as the ‘owner’ of the survey

These points for improvement were first discussed with the project group, so that the project group up to date on the results of the employee satisfaction survey. Following this discussion, a workshop was organised with the HR department. Through this workshop, the HR department became the ‘owner’ of the results of the survey, allowing it to independently consult the online dashboard Employee Heartbeat when faced with questions to the organisation. The HR department was also provided with tools to help them further use the results of the survey within Baker Tilly Berk.

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